SHellium Free Shell accounts Free eggdrop Free psybnc
FREE SHELLS TO ALL...TRY OUT THE FORUM !!!!!! psybnc installed for you already just connect from at home or from SHellium...eggdrop already installed...just edit the config file and run it. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE LIKE US...NO HASSLE...FREE SHELLS

ALL user ports will be changing

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Posted August 17th, 2008 by bryanstein

We will be changing users listening ports from 4 to 2 ports. We once planned on giving guys 4 background tasks, but that will not be happening, so there is no need for 4 listening ports. We will be contacting users by their registration email address to alert them of the new change.

User Web pages are back up now

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Posted August 9th, 2008 by bryanstein

We fixed the issue with the user web pages, so you guys now can access your public_html directories from the web again. Sorry for the delay, but there were a few security issues that bencoh pointed out to us that we needed to button up.

New NoPaste Service by Shellium

Hi guys, is available our NoPaste service at this url:

Programs on SHellium that you probably didn't know were there

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Posted July 6th, 2008 by bryanstein

This is a quick little post to inform you guys of a few programs that are accessible to all users, but most have no idea they are there:

  • axel - A light download accelerator - Console version
  • Procedono le traduzioni

    Sono felice di annunciare agli utenti italiani del sito che procede la localizzazione e la traduzione dell'interfaccia utente nella nostra lingua, sono stati tradotte ben 2283 frasi su 3036 pari al 75.2%.

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