About Us

About Us

SHellium provides Gnu Linux users shell for free eggdrop accounts, free psybnc/znc/sbnc bouncers; compile programs.

ZNC and eggdrop are ALREADY INSTALLED and READY TO USE...if you are a newbie there is no need to compile anything.

SHellium DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU...Windows users are welcomed and appreciated.

We groom our users with howto's via our wiki and fancy schmansy command line instructionals.

These tools are great for newbies and they help others navigate our shell and its prompts

Shells are hosted on a stable Debian 5.0 system...you can't get any better than that.

This shell is for System Administrators, enthusiasts, hobbyist, "newbies" and anyone else who knows what a shell account is for.

Click register to sign up for a free shell account today. Registration generally takes 1-12 hours...depending on who is trying to hack our shell, LOL

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